“Anna is amazing. I have been frustrated for some time with my space. I wasn’t doing as much as I wanted because I could not find anything or did not have the room. She was able to come in and work with me on ways to organize my space but more importantly on how I could maintain what we worked on. She did not feel like an intrusion in my private home but rather the welcome calm, sensible voice in my head saying we can make this a nice place to work. I would recommend her to anyone.”


“I was overwhelmed with the work to be done in organizing our basement. Anna was a wonderful helper and helped me tackle the project a little at a time as I have health problems. There was no pressure to get rid of things, and she’s easy to talk with. Knowing and labeling what we have and getting rid of items we do not use made the area much more useful. Now, I’m more organized and can find what I’m looking for. Anna is delightful to work with and knows how to organize! She’s hard working, very nice, and I highly recommend her!”

Kathy Clodfelter

“Before working with Anna, I had the typical problems: too much junk, pipe dreams about what I was going to do with it “sometime” in the future, no desire to sort through it, and growing space concerns (where to put all of it). I had no hesitation working with Anna — I had a good feeling she was the right person to help me.

Anna helped me gain some calm and get rid of the anxiety. Parallel to this was gaining order and space, while getting rid of the abundance of stuff that was causing the anxiety. Her manner was very soothing and comfortable. A couple of times, Anna challenged me about specific items and whether I would really follow through with my plans for them, and she remained calm throughout even when it was obvious I was kidding myself 🙂

After working with Anna, I notice when things pile up and tend to nip it in the bud a lot sooner than I used to. I feel a sense of calm and happiness when I enter my work space, knowing that there is not an avalanche-in-waiting behind the closet door. I can move around more freely, and I’m not embarrassed about my space in front of visitors.

I would recommend Anna to others! For all of the above reasons, and because she was extremely helpful in getting the stuff OUT OF THE HOUSE. Actually packing the stuff in her car to take to the Sharing Tree or other places was a huge plus. I have since made two smaller purges, one of which sat in my car for a week while I kept forgetting to drop it off, the other of which is still in my car as I write this!”


“I had no space for guests and crafts that had run amuck. Anna came in to give me a quick fix before guests arrived to stay for a week. She was a life saver! Can’t wait to do the actual organization and plan for the whole house!  Anna was accommodating of not only my crazy schedule and short time frame but also my very specific quick fix needs.  Even after having guests for a week, it was organized enough to still be fully functional.
Anna is very accommodating and can help you de-clutter yourself while you de-clutter a space. It helps to have an objective sounding board to move forward.”

Lisa D.