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Hello, lovelies!

ZenSpacing is a place where you can find inspiration to create a home and environment that fits YOU. Gone are the one-size-fits-all organizing tips and tricks. We are not about making you fit a mold and stay in it.

This is a place where we dive DEEP into the well of creating an enriching environment that’s perfect for your unique lifestyle, your personality, your desires and goals. Organizing in itself is great for practical and functional use, but without the additional work of aligning a space to your own energy and habits, it will never stay that way.

Are you ready to love your home and have it love you back?
To feel proud of your home and show it off to visitors?
Can you imagine having a home that will support, comfort, and inspire you and your family?


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About Anna Bethea


What draws me to this work is helping people. As a former social worker and spiritual guide, I get lit up by helping you...

  • Translate your passions, desires, and aspirations into a style that fits you like a glove
  • Transform your feelings of stress and chaos into sacredness and calm
  • Tickle your mind to create action plans that are actually fun, fulfilling, and fit your lifestyle

I spent a lot of years and time studying and trying to figure out how to get my house in perfect order. I knew that my environment had an effect on me, and I figured that if I could find just the right formula, I would impress others and feel great myself. After many failed attempts, I started to realize that the mold I was trying to fill was not who I really wanted to be.

This is when I discovered that the work of creating a home had to come from within, and not the other way around. In getting more in tune with my own natural gifts, rhythms, and aspirations, I could more easily find the methods and the settings that would align with what I needed my home to be for me and my family.

When I walk into a room that *feels* amazing, my mind comes to life with possibilities. My mission in life is to pass on that feeling to everyone. We all have a ton of potential within us, and I consider it an honor to facilitate the activation of that by showing you how to tap into that energy.

We all deserve to live and work in spaces where we feel at peace with ourselves and the surrounding environment.

“Zen” is my shorthand for finding that space both within and outside of ourselves – to appreciate what we have, and to be wise in our choices. As a Buddhist mindfulness practitioner, I’m renewed through invitations to go deeper and simpler. I continue to hone my intuitive senses through study of Feng Shui and other ancient energy wisdom. Although my work doesn’t solely rely on them, I like to honor both the old and the new to find a balance that works for my clients.

I’d love to hear your story of how you came to find ZenSpacing.
Please share with me where you are on your journey…

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